Edgar Brandt, Art Deco Console, Altesse Model, Cast Iron, Black & White Grand Antique Marble.

Production date: starting 1927

This console has a remarkably sculpted decor of flowers characteristic of Brandt’s flower design, it testifies to his mastery of ironworking and his commitment to hand finishing pieces such as the incised lines along the console’s top edge. This commitment gave his pieces texture and individuality and showcased the handiwork of the craftsmen.

An original hammered iron model reproduced in “Brandt exhibition, 1925” and in “Edgar Brandt, Master of Art Deco”, Harry N. Adams, Inc., Editor, New York, 1999, page 117.

Price: €48,000

About Edgar Brandt

Edgar William Brandt (December 24, 1882 – May 8, 1960) was a French metalworker and industrialist who was active during the Art Deco period.

He was born in 1880 in Paris, and he trained as a metalworker before opening his own workshop in 1902. He quickly gained a reputation for his exceptional metalworking skills, and he became one of the leading figures of the Art Deco movement.

Brandt’s work was characterized by its innovative use of materials, including wrought iron, bronze, and glass, as well as its striking Art Deco style. He was particularly known for his use of intricate, organic forms inspired by nature, as well as his use of bold, geometric shapes.

In 1925 Brandt participated in the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes organized by the French Ministry of Commerce and Industry to showcase the best of French decorative arts and design. As one of the leading French designers of the Art Deco period his work featured throughout the exhibition as well as in the metalworking section.

At the exhibition Brandt presented several his most famous designs, including intricate wrought iron gates and decorative metalwork and a variety of other decorative objects, including lighting fixtures, furniture, and sculptures and his work was highly praised. He received numerous commissions further to his participation and he continued working throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s.

In addition to his work as a designer and metalworker, Brandt was also a member of several artistic organizations, including the Salon d’Automne and the Société des Artistes Décorateurs.

Brandt passed away in 1960, but his legacy as a prominent Art Deco designer lives on today. He is remembered as one of the most innovative and influential metalworkers of the 20th century and his designs are still highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts today.

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